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Rating : 9.15
Born : 1991-10-26
About jeperv: i have an extreme appetite for playing, luv to make sure everyone is satisfied and having fun! enjoy dressing up and giving pleasure to my Masters!!! overall a happy girl who just loves being me, uber whore :) Hi, i'm measurements: 32B-23-34...i am slender sexy girl, perky natural tits, nice hips & ass!!! butt i would have to say that my prize possession is my beautiful tight pussy!!! have never encountered someone who wasn't impressed or didn't enjoy spending time down there!!! i have short curly red hair and very pale skin, like a peach, with freckles all over my body...i'm very submissive, like to be controlled & abused, mentally and physically. Slap me, Choke me, Spit on me, just me silly!!! then blindfold & tie me up and give me lots of different Cocks so i can try to choose Yours out of line up!!! Fuck me so Hard that i am speechless but my teary big blue puppy eyes would be beggin' for more... whew!!! i swallow all of what the guys have to offer after they have had their way with me!!! i just luv a warm Hard BIG Cock deep inside me, pounding every inch of my super tight porn-quality pussy til i fucking spasm and cum all over u!!! my specialty is GangBangs....more Men the merrier ( my record GangBang was with 20+ Men ) i'm always drippin' wet btwn my legs... my panties soaked, gobbs of my sweet juice, just the thought of sex or Cock can trigger an orgasm! i'm a cummin' machine: my record is bout 69 times in over a 13 hour fuck session!!...i luv giving head and especially swallowing semen! gotta have shots of sperm daily or i get all depressed and bitchy!!! i'm a total WHORE and proud of it! S E X is on my dirty mind 24/7!!! lately, i've been really into gettin' tied up & bound, being a total sex slave!!! i luv it when my Masters roughs me up real good like with a very hard bitch slap that make my ears ring!!! i'm a complete lil' nasty knotty dirty whore slut nympho who luvs to please my Pimp Daddy Masters!!! p.s. i am very open, honest, energetic & WILD!!! i know what i like & not shy about asking for it!!! yours truly Jen :::)))